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Women's Health

Chinese medicine truly honors the belief that every body is different, with unique challenges and needs to be addressed. Women’s bodies are fundamentally different from men’s bodies, and women are also super-sensitive to stress—and if you’re feeling more stressed than ever these days, you’re not alone.

We are here to remind you how your body works, and we can help you decipher what the innate feminine wisdom inside you is trying to express. We believe your monthly cycle should never be treated as a “curse”—rather, we understand that truly embracing your cycle can help regulate it, thereby reducing stress levels and helping you feel more comfortable, before, during, and after.

From the preteen years to post-menopause, we can customize individualized treatments that harness the power of acupuncture, medical message, cupping and other modalities to help combat a variety of health challenges unique to women:

* Severe cramping
* Mood swings
* Irregular cycles
* Heavy flow
* Rapid weight gain or loss
* Pregnancy complications

* Prenatal Wellness

* Labor Induction
* Infertility
* Dryness
* Night sweats
* Sleep interruption
* Digestive issues/bloating

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