You can help your body heal itself. Discover how through Chinese Medicine

Monica is the owner of DaoAcupuncture, and has been providing the highest quality of holistic and compassionate care to Angelinos since 2012. 

She has helped people who struggle with many ailments such as pain, fertility issues, prenatal health, anxiety and hormone imbalances. Dao Acupuncture provides solutions to people suffering from acute and chronic issues to feel younger, more energetic and more alive. 

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"​I have been to several Acupuncturists for back pain and leg muscle tightness. Monica is the only one who has provided relief" 

~ Jan 

"Monica helped me prepare for childbirth - physically and emotionally. I was so stressed and tense about the process - anxious as many first time moms are at the end of the pregnancy. Monica was so calming and really helped me relax. She made me feel completely comfortable. She is a pro and I felt completely confident in her recommendations. Also, love where she practices. The location is very calming adding an extra layer of comfort to the whole acupuncture experience."

~ Maadhevi

"I see Monica for acupuncture with cupping and she is great! I have terrible neck and shoulder pain. Monica takes the time to assess my progress each time I see her. She even reviewed my MRI results and treats me accordingly. She recommends the best herbal formula to take for my condition and has even suggested a good anti inflammatory diet to help my in the healing process.  

Monica is extremely intelligent, very nice, patient and has a great touch. I recommend her to anyone seeking a great acupuncturist!"

~ Gretchen

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427 S Marengo Ave #7

Pasadena, CA 91101

Call/Text: (626) 658-7252


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In order to provide the best possible service, we ask that you please call the office to schedule your first visit. 

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Dao Acupuncture & Wellness
427 S Marengo Ave. #7 
Pasadena, CA 91101
call/text (626) 658-7252
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